Building an elite reflection of famous cities in metaverse to give citizens a distinctive life, where the citizens enjoy living, networking, investing, and extracting value from their unique creations & assets


Elite Meta first offers a path for bringing the best online meeting & educational practices. With strong expertise in conceptual architecture, Elite Education Cities are built up with diverse environments and visual modeling to create immersive and hands-on learning experiences.

Students can freely explore, move across borders and interact directly with the curriculum, which is especially important for highly specialized industry groups like biology, healthcare, construction, etc. Our solutions may support up to 50.000 students/university and 100.000.000 students worldwide.


Our limited lands from our Metaverse cities may be used for citizens and may sell in the secondary market later.

  • VR Ready Campus For Student Registration
  • VR Ready Lecture Hall
  • Artwork & Assets For Faculties
  • VR Ready Lab For Engineering Faculty
  • VR Ready Library
  • 45,000 Potential User
  • Other Event Room, Shopping Room, and others.
  • Fully Functioned University In Metaverse By 2023


Elite Meta allows its content creators to own their unique creations through NFT and capture full value of their contributions through its Market Place.

Elite Meta focuses on a niche group of creative people who demand high-quality graphics of their unique home, furniture, or digital assets which they can create through NFT


World-famous cities such as Paris, London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul, Chicago and Beijing would be considered candidates to be built in Elite Meta.

Cities will be constructed into city centre and suburbs to serve different demands from users conveniently.

City centre will be zoned, designed, and developed in relation to the current structure of the real-life city with a decent addition of fictional designs to form a special architecture mix between particular cultural aspects of real-life city and the creative side of future one. 

Suburb will be developed outside City centre with zoned land, targeted to users, who would prefer to own any creative-architecture houses.

Video Paris


In the Cities centre, users can buy properties such as ready-made buildings or apartments. Users can freely develop the interior space of their buildings for decoration, product shows, meetings, working, and interaction. Users can participate in competitions such as Interior Design, KOLs, Art, Games, and regular events.

Users can create their artworks, research, review, decoration, avatar to sell in the Marketplace or show and sell them in their home. Users can buy houses from the City or from other Users or rent houses. Users can sell tickets for visitors to their house or open the house to visitors free of charge.

The City Centre has limited properties as its real-life version.




Benjamin Pham
Co-Founder & CFO
  • 10-year experience in international trade & structured finance-Singapore
  • 20-year architect 06-year experience in maritime assets sales in 08-year e investment world largest shipbrokers-London/ Copenhagen/ Singapore
John Nguyen
Co-Founder & CEO
  • 20-year experience in European classic & modern architecture design¬†
  • 08-year experience in construction-related investment
  • 03-year experience in startup operation
Samuel Dao
Co-Founder & CTO
  • 17 years work experience with Accenture, umlaut, and Vodafone in delivering engineering solutions for worldwide operators
  • Leading complex and international technical teams in global markets. e.g. multiple European countries, the U.K, South Korea, Philippines, Mexico, India


  • Upgrading website for richer experiences
  • Release Paris city trailer
  • City planning & ecosystem planning
  • Lecture hall MVP
  • Developing remaining 11 city meta maps
  • Seed rough
  • Release VClass Mobile App
  • Release Paris map
  • Finish education island of Paris
  • Lecture hall go-live
  • Finish 15 buildings in Paris center
  • Finish seed round
  • Release VSchool Mobile App
  • Build 3 islands of Paris map
  • Integrate Advertising in virtual environment

Supported Devices

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